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Zombie theme took over the gaming world during recent years. Well known games like DayZ and Left 4 Dead are leading the pack and achieved remarkable success and proved that there is a huge market for zombie games. Another potential giant in this field Dead Trigger 2 for PC is a release from Madfinger Games and already reports over 40 millions users from around the globe. That number alone speaks for the quality of this first person zombie shooter.

How come Dead Trigger 2 became so popular since its release just over a year ago?

One of the most important factors in modern gaming is graphics, we really love our zombie killing action to look nice, don’t we? Well, DT2 does offer that using Unity game engine, in fact, it is probably among 10 best looking games offered on Android, iOS and Windows phone devices right now. If not at the very top. Let’s not forget Dead Trigger 2 is also playable on PC, which makes it easily accessible to gamers on a lot of different platforms.

But graphics isn’t everything what Dead Trigger 2 has to offer. What really makes people try and keep playing this game is that it just never gets boring due to the fact that it is a constantly evolving game. Developers at Madfinger Games are working hard to pump out new updates as often as possible releasing new content simultaneously.

At this moment Dead Trigger 2 offers more than 10 regions, close to 40 unique environments, more than 35 different weapons – can you even imagine the pleasure of having to choose which one of those babies should be used to blow some zombie heads off?

Let’s not stop here, Dead Trigger 2 also features unique tournaments for real prizes! That’s right folks, join some arena fighting action online and get rewarded for your efforts.

Dead Trigger 2 is gaining so much momentum lately and receiving positive reviews from all the critics simply because it’s good. Unlike many other games built for mobile platforms DT 2 just doesn’t feel linear. It offers open world and at the same time opportunity to come back and play it every day. Don’t be a fool, download and see it for yourself.

Dead Trigger 2 is released exclusively for Android and iOS mobile phones only. But below you can find a links on how to download Dead Trigger 2 for you desktop Windows PC or MAC for free.


Dead Trigger 2 win download



Download Dead Trigger 2 for Mobile Phones:


Download Dead Trigger 2 for Android

Download Dead Trigger 2 for iOS(iPhone/iPad)


Download Dead Trigger 2 for PC:


Download Dead Trigger 2 from Microsoft Store

Download/Play Dead Trigger 2 with Facebook using Unity Web Player (also works with MAC OS X)

Download and install Bluestacks, search for “Dead Trigger 2” install it to your PC and start playing.


Dead Trigger 2 Trailer



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