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Run villages, collect hundreds of characters, and defeat enemies of the evil lands with Godzilab’s Crush Them All. This tactical idle RPG lets you build a team of warriors, magicians, and archers to fulfill the main quest: saving the princess from the villain who captured her. Conquer countless stages by earning lots of in-game currencies and progressing your little heroes to make them unstoppable.

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OS: Windows7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista or MacOS

How to Play Crush Them All on PC (Easy Steps):

  • Download, Install and Run the Emulator.
  • Install Crush Them All Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!


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Crush Them All starts off by giving you a formidable water type rogue. Then, you’ll be introduced to the main objective. From there, you will have to battle enemies that get tougher every level. That’s why you need to keep up with their pace by gaining gold and Flooz.

There are two ways to gain in-game currencies. First is from the rewards you get when killing enemies, and second, the more profitable option is through taking care of a village by buying and upgrading shops. When you get your village to level 50, the money they make can be auto-collected.

You can build a team by unlocking heroes in special chests, which can be earned when you gain gems. There are almost 100 characters that are divided into five elements: water, fire, earth, light, and dark.

Crush Them All’s AFK combat system is very hassle-free. Your heroes will handle the fighting while you manage the cash and ways to strengthen your team.

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1) Idle Gaming

Even when you are away from your device, you can still toughen up heroes and obtain rewards. Just set them up for battle before leaving the game. Additionally, you can earn more gold when your village unlocks the auto-collect feature.

2) Endless Stages

Crush Them All’s first mode lets you battle numerous foes in over a thousand stages. Face strong bosses after every 50 levels and fight even stronger ones every 100 levels starting from stage 600.

3) Artifacts

To make your heroes more effective, you can craft artifacts. There over 50 of them to unlock. Get these items from the rewards of dungeons that change every day.

4) Guilds

Joining a guild gives certain benefits to a player. You can challenge guildmates to a friendly battle and test out who among you is supreme. Members can also contribute to making their guild victorious by joining Guild Raid Battles.

5) Ascend

When you finish level 130, you can choose to Ascend. This gives you prisms, a valuable way of leveling up a hero, in exchange for taking you back to level one.


Tips and Tricks

Ascend as soon as you can. Aside from giving more hero strength, this option unlocks passive buffs of your village. This includes a 25% boost in their gold revenue.

Invest in various ways of leveling. Gold, Prisms, Artifacts, and Runes are some of the best ways to improve your characters’ stats. Several of these may be hard to collect, but always make sure to get them when you can.

Know the elements’ weaknesses. Water beats fire, fire beats earth, earth beats water, light and dark are equals. Familiarizing this will enhance your strategy game, especially when fighting the stronger bosses.

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