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TerraGenesis - Space Settlers
TerraGenesis - Space Settlers


TerraGenesis Review, Main Features, Gameplay and Video


If you’re fascinated by the idea of space colonization and are curious about what it take to sustain human life on another planet, you’ll spend countless hours playing TerraGenesis – Space Settlers for PC.

How to play

When you boot up TerraGenesis you will get to oversee the colonization of a real life planet such as Mars or a fictional planet like Ragnarok. As there are so many planets to colonize, including dwarf planets such as Pluto, TerraGenesis is a title which you can play multiple times, without getting bored.

Terra Genesis – Space Settlers Features:

1. You’ll be able to quickly melt the ice caps on a planet in order to create sprawling seas.

If you play with a planet such as Earth which boasts ice caps, you’ll have the power to melt its ice caps, in order to create seas which will help sustain life on your planet.

2. You can create contained pressurised habitats for your colonies.

In order for your colonies to thrive on foreign planets which may not offer the basics for survival, you’ll be able to build safe pressurised habitats, for each of your colonies.

3. You’ll be able to alter planets to support human life.

As there’s no way that you’d be able to safely get human beings to live on a hostile planet such as Mars, you’ll have the opportunity to alter each planet which you play with so that it can support human life.

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As an example, you can alter the air pressure, sea levels and oxygen levels of each planet, so that it’s safe to live on and will make a perfect home for a new colony to reside on.

4. There are 4 unique interstellar factions which you can join.

When you start your first game, you’ll be immediately tasked with joining one of four interstellar factions. Each faction provides its members with different benefits, so make sure to join the faction which you believe will provide you with the most aid in setting up and managing your first space colony.

5. You can play around with Terragenesis Space Colony’s biosphere.

If you tire of taking care of your human colonisers you’ll be able to create brand new organisms by playing with 26 phyla and 64 genes, which you’ll be able to use to create strange new organisms to inhabit your worlds.

If you’re interested in finding out what different forms of life could thrive on strange alien planets, you’ll love playing around with genetics and evolution inside the biosphere.

6. You’ll even be able to interact with the new life forms which you create.

Part of the fun of creating new interesting lifeforms is getting to interact with the new life forms which you create in the game’s biosphere.

7. You can track the progress of your civilization.

If you’re competitive and want to see how well you’re doing, you can track to progress of your civilization by checking your current game’s stats summary page.

So if you believe that you can help humankind set up a colony on Mars, it’s well worth downloading Terragenesis – Space Settlers.

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