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Onmyoji Arena
Onmyoji Arena
Developer: NetEase Games
Price: Free


Onmyoji Arena Review, Main Features, Gameplay and Video


Onmyoji Arena is a MOBA game that features 5v5 battles and 3v3 battle royales. The original Onmyoji was a character-collecting game however it became so popular that the developers saw its potential as a massively online battle arena game.


Onmyoji Arena starts with you choosing a character to play as. You can choose between one of four Shikigami fighters known as Seimei, Hiromasa, Yao Bikuni and Kagura. They all have their own unique fighting abilities which make some better at taking and inflicting damage than others.

Once you have chosen your character then your quest begins. The goal in this game, just like in any other MOBA, is to destroy all of the enemy bases while protecting your own. The outcome of each battle will be decided by how well you control your character.

Your Shikigami gain experience points every time a monster is killed or a tower is taken. These experience points will be used to make your fighters stronger by unlocking new skills. Your Shikigami’s ultimate skill will be unlocked when you reach level six.

The map also includes jungle areas. These sections are filled with monsters which can be avoided if you want but killing them will give you special items and boosts. Killing Orochi in the the jungle sections makes your characters incredibly powerful while killing the Kraken disables all enemy turrets.

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The main screen will help you select your load-out before each match. The screen allows you to choose between your preferred game mode, view your character’s statistics and prepare for the coming battle. You can also equip runes to give your characters some extra firepower.

The actual battles are pretty strait forward. All that you have to do is pick your lane and fight up it until you reach your enemy’s towers while keeping them from reaching yours. Because this a MOBA game, you will will need to work together with your minions to succeed.

The Good

Onmyoji Arena is better than other MOBA games because of the graphics. They are smooth and crisp with Japanese-style animations to give the characters flavor.

Gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has played a MOBA before. The Shikigami are easy to understand and working out how to make use of their individual talents is simple. If you run into any difficulties then the tutorials are there to help.

The Bad

The gameplay is pretty standard. Anybody who’s played a MOBA before will recognize the mechanics early on and won’t even need the tutorials because there is nothing they haven’t done before. Even the story lacks originality because it was taken from another game with a similar title.

Coins won from battles can be used to unlock new Shikigami however the payouts are so small that you will be forced to grind for long periods of time before you reach your target.


Onmyoji Arena is yet another MOBA title that’s looking to profit off of the fanfare. Many people from all over the world currently love this type of game so it will definitely find a market among fans of the genre. Fans of the original Onmyoji will also enjoy this new twist to a fun game.

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Onmyoji Arena New trailer of season 6

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