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Game of Sultans
Game of Sultans
Developer: DreamPlus Games
Price: Free


Game of Sultans Review, Main Features, Gameplay and Video


Online games become more and more popular with the players around the world. Available in a plethora of genres, they come with a lot of revolutionary features and advanced graphics that intrigue you and make you want to play for hours in a row.

One video game genre that particularly spark interest with the worldwide gamers is RPG, which allows you take directly the role of the main character, and run the game on your own. Such captivating game that you can download for free on both mobile and PC is Game of Sultans.


Game of Sultans is a modern RPG that comes with a range of cutting-edge graphics, creating a highly engaging design with colorful and bright aspects that endow the setting and the characters with a unique visual appeal. As an empire simulation, the game gives you the chance to take the role of a mighty sultan, running a vast empire spread across Europe and Middle East. You will have to build your kingdom from scratch, making it into a powerful force on the global arena.

To succeed in that, you have to develop an effective military strategy, defeat your sworn enemies in brutal wars, run an intelligent political diplomacy, make your empire flourish economically, and extend its boarders with new conquered territories. The human side is also touched in the Game of Sultans, giving you access to broad interaction, resulting in new military and political allies, economic partners, and a strong team of viziers that will aid an efficient and prosperous management of the empire. The gameplay is spiced up with flirtatious romance with beautiful queens, who will motivate you to heroic deeds.

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Whether you play it on the laptop, MAC or smartphone, you enjoy a wealth of modern features affecting the gaming process in a way that you get intrigued and engaged to the point of a long-term addiction. You get access to three main resources that help the empire thrive. You take command of an army of fearless warriors that you will have to train constantly to achieve new combat skills, equip with proper weapons and defence inventory, and raise new generations to extent it and make it stronger.

As you complete special quests and challenges, you get access to new and more advanced war inventory, available in the store, that will help your soldiers perform better and win gloriously battles against enemy armies. Developing your wealth resource will make you more influential in both interior and exterior affairs. Reaching top reputation allows you seal important trade agreements and create powerful military alliances.

The third resource is grain. It helps your empire thrive economically, and feed the population. You will have to sow plantations of the crop, take care of the growth process and harvest, in the end, generous yields that will make your empire self-sufficient and successful in commerce affairs.

Also, you can recruit a team of advisers, constituting the Imperial Council. Each vizier has 4 attributes, touching military, research, prestige, and politics sides of the kingdom management. These can be leveled up, making the vizier more experienced and versed in empire’s ruleship.


Game of Sultans is flexibly adapted to both mobile and computer. You can download for free the Android apk on your PC or laptop, supporting Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP. Once you put this game on your desktop, you can enjoy it offline while traveling, or spend with pleasure your leisure time.

I hope you enjoyed this guide, please rate and share. If you have problems running Game of Sultans on your PC or any other issues, leave a comment below.

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