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If you love the idea of ruling from an iron throne, you may want to download Game of Kings: The Blood Throne. A thrilling, bloodthirsty strategy game that involves building the strongest empire in a fantasy-based medieval-inspired world.

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OS: Windows7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista or MacOS

How to Play Game of Kings: The Blood Throne on PC (Easy Steps):

  • Download, Install and Run the Emulator.
  • Install GoK: The Blood Throne Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!


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8 Tips on playing Game of Kings: The Blood Throne:

1. Make sure to collect all six available resources.

In Game of Kings: The Blood Throne there are six unique resources to collect. Food, iron, stone, silver, gold, and wood. Remember that you’ll need to collect all six resources, in order to build the necessary buildings and military compounds, to build a strong empire.

2. Research new technology.

You’ll also need to stockpile all six resources in order to research new technology, which is essential for your growing empire to win key battles.

3. Collect enough resources to forge legendary weapons.

Make sure to save up enough resources in order to forge powerful legendary weapons and epic weapons, which will give your empire a huge advantage in battles.

4. Develop as many of your skills as you can.

When you first start playing Game of Kings: The Blood Throne you may be overwhelmed by the fact there are 142 unique skills to upgrade. All of which fall under one of six skill sets. War, defense, trade, economy, tactics, and construction.

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5. Join a guild.

If you don’t join a guild, you won’t have the opportunity to take part in huge multi-player wars, that offer lucrative prizes. Another perk of joining a powerful guild is that you’ll be able to call your guild members for help when you’re struggling against a high-level opponent.

6. Take part in one on one battles as well as guild battles.

To level up quickly, make sure to take part in as many one-on-one battles as you can, while still making time to help your chosen guild in regular guild battles.

7. Explore the entirety of your map.

In order to come across new weapons and resources, make sure to explore as much of your map as you can. Each area of your map will boast different treasures. Just be careful as you’ll be sure to run into fierce monsters such as dragons, minotaurs, goblins, and evil reindeer, when you roam throughout Game of Kings: The Blood Throne’s expansive map.

8. Make sure to diversify your army with different types of warriors.

Instead of creating an army which is full of traditional soldiers make sure to build an army that features swordsmen, archers, knights, and siege machines as well as soldiers. As each type of warrior offers their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. So it’s important to strategically build a well-balanced army, that will destroy every opponent they come across.

So if you see yourself as a formidable leader and an expert strategist, why not download Game of Kings: The Blood Throne today? To see whether you have what it takes to build an unbeatable army and sit on the iron throne.

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