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OS: Windows7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista or MacOS
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Fury Survivor: Pixel Z
Fury Survivor: Pixel Z
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Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Review, Main Features, Gameplay and Video


If playing an engaging zombie slasher appeals to you, continue reading to discover some of the reasons why you’ll love killing zombies in Fury Survivor: Pixel Z for PC.

10 Advantages of playing Fury Survivor: Pixel Z:

1. You’ll get to complete thrilling special missions.

As an example, you’ll be tasked with tracking down your wife and daughter, which will involve exploring multiple zombie infested areas. So if you like the idea of playing missions which feel personal and which have high stakes and progress your game’s storyline, it pays to play as many special missions as possible.

2. You can scavenge a wide variety of equipment and weapons.

To find valuable equipment, weapons, and food supplies, you’ll need to explore Fury Survivor: Pixel Z’s expansive map. Just be sure that you have a weapon on hand, to fight any zombie hordes who you may come across on your scavenging trips.

3. You’ll be able to build and upgrade your own safe zone.

In a world which is teeming with hungry flesh-eating zombies, it’s crucial to build a safe zone, where you’ll be able to rest and craft new weapons.

4. You don’t have to grind away at monotonous activities in order to level up.

While many modern games require you to grind away at monotonous, boring activities, in order to level up your character, Fury Survivor: Pixel Z offers a game system which makes leveling up a breeze. Better yet as there are endless side tasks to complete, if you do wish to take a break from the main storyline, you’ll be able to spend hours playing side missions.

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5. There are daily challenges which you can complete in order to win rare rewards.

One way to pick up valuable equipment and powerful weapons is to complete Fury Survivor: Pixel Z’s daily challenges, which will give you an excuse to play Fury Survivor: Pixel Z on a daily basis.

6. You have the ability to rescue survivors.

If you download and play Fury Survivor: Pixel Z, you’ll have the ability to rescue survivors from zombies. However, if you fail to rescue a survivor and they’re killed by a zombie, you’ll see a tomb pop up on your map, to represent their death.

7. It boasts fun retro pixel inspired graphics.

You’ll feel nostalgic playing Fury Survivor: Pixel Z as it features retro-inspired pixel based graphics.

8. You’ll be able to read diaries in order to learn about different characters.

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z features an entertaining storyline and you can learn about your character as well as other characters in the game by reading any personal diaries which you come across.

9. Realistic hunger bars and thirst bars.

You’ll notice that over time that your hunger bars and your thirst bars will decrease. So it’s important to ensure that you stock up on food and drinks so that when your hunger bars and thirst bars decrease, you’ll easily be able to top them up. As if your hunger or thirst bar reaches zero, your character will die.

10. You’ll be able to slaughter hordes of zombies.

As Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is a zombie slasher, when your adrenaline is high you’ll be able to single handily slay hordes of hungry zombies.

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