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Full Metal Monsters Review, Main Features, Gameplay and Video


This game is full on metal madness. You get to fight with dinosaurs against other teams with their own selection of dinosaurs. It makes for a fascinating game with a wide variety of dinosaurs to choose from.

The developers of this game are AI Games FZ. Since 2017, the company has graced the gaming world with top-notch games such as BIG BANG Evolution and San Andreas. It is safe to say that they have created another masterpiece with this new release.

Individual teams of 5 battle it out with dinosaurs. The game rewards you even if you lose a match but the rewards are higher if you win. Every win earns you points that you can accumulate to level up.

Every level presents a bigger challenge. You need to learn some basics if you are going to be successful.

Be smart with your upgrades

You will have the chance to upgrade your monsters as you proceed. You shouldn’t just upgrade because the monster looks good. Check the stats before you decide to upgrade.

There are four stats you need to consider. The first one is HP which is the defensive stat that shows how many hits your dinosaur can take. Speed determines how fast your monster can move to attack or to avoid attacks from the other team.

Damage shows the strength of your firepower while Range shows how far your bullets can reach. You should consider the stats of each monster before you decide to upgrade.

You should do the same things with your weapons. Different weapons have different stats such as capacity, range, and rounds per second. Check out these stats before you equip your weapon.

Take note of your weapon’s weaknesses once you use the weapon on the field. This will let you know the stats you need to upgrade.

There’s safety in numbers

Full Metal Monsters is a team game. You are more likely to survive if you stay close to your team. Attacks are more effective if you execute them as a team than if you go at it alone.

It is also easier to defend an attack from the other team if you stay close to each other. One of the monsters with higher defensive attacks can draw the fire as the others attack.

Teamwork can be the difference between you losing or winning. You can even defeat a team that is stronger than you just by effective teamwork. This is not a game for individual heroics.

Jump and Lock Target

The jump allows you to get closer or further away from your opponent in a battle. It can be used offensively as well as defensively. Smart players save the feature for when the going gets tough and you need to retreat.

The Lock Target feature is purely an offensive move. This is a great feature for people who struggle to aim effectively. It will lock your firepower on a target as long as there is no obstacle between you and the target.


This is a really enjoyable game. The multiplayer element adds a whole new dimension to the game.

Learn how to work as a team and you’ll conquer all that is before you.

I hope you enjoyed this guide, please rate and share. If you have problems running Full Metal Monsters on your PC or any other issues, leave a comment below.

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