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Developer: Epic Games
Price: Free+


Fortnite Mobile Review, Main Features, Gameplay and Video


The original Fornite was created as survival sandbox game that concentrated on constructing forts. It was set in a world where a massive storm has caused everyone to disappear and those that remained have to fight against each for the scarce resources available. Battle Royal was included in the original Fortnite as an added feature however it became so popular that the developers decided to give it its own release, which is how the Fortnite Mobile came to be.


The Battle Royale for Fornite Mobile features a 100-player deathmatch set on a massive island and the last man left standing wins. Other modes in the game are variations of the deathmatch with the option of creating squads to increase your chances of winning.

The game starts you off in a giant flying school bus. Once you get over the fact that you’re in a flying school bus, you are thrown out of the bus and have to glide down to the island into an area of your choosing. The only thing that you leave the bus with is a pick-axe which can be used as a melee weapon while you look for resources that and more advanced weaponry.

The storm that wiped everyone out is an active element in the game. It starts out large then slowly starts to expand over the map, leaving a randomly selected circle on the map as the only place safe from it. If you stay in the storm for too long then it starts to sap your health.

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Combat is a fun part of Fortnite Mobile but the environmental aspects make things very exciting. With the resources gained from hacking down trees with your axe, you can build fortresses, one floor and one wall at a time. These structures can be used as cover from enemy fire, to reach higher areas on the map, or to create a vantage point that you can snipe enemies from.

With over one hundred players on one map, coming out on top is highly unlikely, but that doesn’t keep the game from being fun. Once a player’s character has been killed, the screen switches to a spectator view, sometimes from the perspective of the player that killed you. This gives you the opportunity to learn from the other player so that you have a better chance of winning the next time round,

The Good

Fortnite is immensely enjoyable and brings a new twist to battle royale games. Most games like this suffer from players being too spread out across the map however the developers solved this problem with the Storm which progressively makes the playing area smaller and forces players to fight each other.

The Bad

This game is so popular that many teachers from around the world are complaining that they can’t get their students off of it.


Fortnite Mobile is a fun to play and challenging game that is very engaging. Console gamers may not be convinced by the mobile version however the upcoming release of bluetooth controllers will help ease their transitions.

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Fortnite Battle Royale - iOS Launch Trailer


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