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Best Sniper Legacy Review, Main Features, Gameplay and Video


Dinosaurs have been extinct for quite a while now. However, Best Sniper Legacy brings the dinosaurs back and gives you an opportunity to hunt them down.

In the game, you are not just hunting dinosaurs for sport. The dinosaurs are also trying to hunt you down. It is your job to ensure that you get to them before they get to you.

As the name suggests, the weapon of choice for this game is a sniper rifle. It is a very powerful sniper rifle for it to take down a dinosaur.

However, a powerful sniper won’t guarantee your survival. Here are a few basics that will give you an edge over the dinosaurs.

Choose your gaming mods wisely

This game offers up to five gaming modes. The first three gaming modes are Boss, Story and Wanted. These modes allow you to game against the PC.

The other gaming modes are Extermination and Survival. These modes offer gaming against other players.

It is advisable for you to start with the first mods before engaging in multiplayer. This will allow you to understand the game better. The PC offers some great competition and so the game is still entertaining.

Learn how to use your sniper

If you’ve ever played sniper games, you know that snipers can be notoriously difficult to handle. In this game, your sniper skills will have to be top-notch. You miss and the dinosaurs will be having you for supper.

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Conversely, the sniper can be an incredible weapon in the right hands. The dinosaurs in the game will not be standing still waiting for you to shoot. They will keep moving and so you will have to wait to get the perfect shot.

However, do not wait for too long. If you wait for too long, the dinosaurs will disappear from view and you will fail.

Know where to shoot

Dinosaurs can be tough but they are not invincible. They have weak spots. You should target these weak spots to make kills easier.

The best way to identify weak spots is to engage thermal imaging. You can toggle thermal imaging by clicking on the eye that appears at the bottom of the screen once you start aiming. The weak spots will be marked with red or yellow color.

Aiming at the weak spots will give you a greater chance of killing the dinosaurs. However, you should try as much as possible to go for the headshots. Headshots will kill the dinosaurs and they will earn you more points.

However, getting a headshot is not easy since the dinosaurs rarely stand still.

The Sniper Rifle

You should keep upgrading your sniper rifle. Upgrading will improve the effectiveness of your sniper rifle.

There are 14 different types of sniper rifles available. Each sniper rifle has 15 upgrade levels. These are a lot of upgrades for you to play with.

However, you have to be smart with your upgrades. Use the points you earn to upgrade in places that will help you clear the next level.


This game gives you an opportunity to shoot at dinosaurs using a sniper rifle. It doesn’t get more exciting than that.

Best Sniper Legacy will have you hooked. The tips and basics above will ensure that you are the best sniper around.

I hope you enjoyed this guide, please rate and share. If you have problems running Best Sniper Legacy on your PC or any other issues, leave a comment below.

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